New Music

Finding Your Music

Last week I listened to a hugely inspiring podcast from the Meet the Composer series. The Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho discussed her incredible development as an artist and the importance of what she called 'finding her music'. Kaija's cut a unique line through the musical world & continues to evolve, from early 80s acoustic electronics research at IRCAM in Paris in the days when you had to programme the computers & leave them to deliberate overnight to hear what kind of ‘beep’ resulted (!), to her intensely idiosyncratic use of instruments (worth checking out). I haven’t quite gone to those extremes yet, but when I started singing my own tunes with a guitar I quickly realised other textures, harmonies, & beats would float around my head like the harmonics that appear from the ether when you hear Mongolian throat singers. It felt like I was only getting part of the message across when I played, so over the past year I’ve been down the rabbit hole working on bringing those internal sounds floating about into my live music. Although sometimes hard to justify taking the time, hearing Kaija's interview as I'm coming out the other side has been really encouraging & I'm starting to appreciate how important it is to get this right. I’m properly bouncing about what's developing now- a real reflection of my own sound. Some of it sounds a wee bit like this (a sneak preview of new music coming out later this year)…

 *These podcasts are so good- really recommend them for anyone interested in trying to find an authentic creative path-!/story/kaija-saariaho-mtc-ears-open/